Ku band via iDirect (SkyDSL)

This is a premier Ku band shared Internet service delivered via our advanced iDirect VSAT platform. SkyDSL ensures that the customer has a permanent 2- way connection to the internet that will support the users’ complete networking needs regardless of location, topology or application.

Features & Coverage

NSS 12 & T11N

  • Single hop satellite internet connectivity solution
  • High speed internet browsing
  • Crystal clear Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • File Transfer Protocol allowing transfer large files
  • Audio and Video Streaming
  • Integration of your private networks and Virtual private networks
  • UNLIMITED DATA. No extra charges - This service has no monthly quotas or caps on usage of capacity
  • One box solution (Satellite Modem, IP Router, TCP prioritization and acceleration)

  • Broadband Internet Service using Ku-Band on T11N Broadband Internet Service using Ku-Band on NSS12