Low cost service for ISP's & Fiber redundancy

A SkyGate Inclined Orbit link provides a cheap high speed Internet trunk connection to the global internet backbone and is designed for large Antennas. Intersat’s proven network design is based on latest satellite technology in allowing for highest link stability and link performance enabling Customer to provide premier end customer services. SkyTrunk capacity is non-contention based. This guarantees predictable service performance at all times to all sites. This service is running on our ABS teleport which consists of an 11m Primary Antenna and a 9m back up Antenna. The ABS-3 is 3 degrees west; C-band Beam that can operate in the following bands:

Down link frequency : 3.6 – 4.2 GHz Uplink frequency : 5.8 – 6.6 GHz Polarization : Dual Linear, Vertical and Horizontal

Our SkyGate Service also has ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) and Acceleration - A unique end-to-end solution for implementing IP shaping, compression and acceleration in a very efficient way for IP backbone and IP satellite links. VSAT equipment from leading manufacturers is available in stock for a quick deployment or replacement anywhere in Africa.

SkyGate service satellite coverage map on ABS 3

SkyGate service satellite coverage map on ABS 3