A SkyPremium link provides a high speed Internet trunk connection to the global internet backbone and is designed for large Internet Service Providers and Voice Carriers. It is a one satellite dedicated up and downlink solution in order to minimize overhead (cost) and technical risk for the anticipated end customer.

Intersat’s proven network design is based on latest satellite technology in allowing for highest link stability and link performance enabling Customer to provide premier end customer services. SkyTrunk capacity is non-contention based. This guarantees predictable service performance at all times to all sites.

VSAT equipment from leading manufacturers is available in stock for a quick deployment or replacement anywhere in Africa.

SkyPremium Service Features

  • This service is free of WiMax frequency interference as is the case with most urban centres and areas close to WiMax base stations.
  • This service offers cheap bandwidth cost compared to the market rates.
  • This service offers a good look angle and is provided on huge Antennas which make the service more affordable.
  • The technology uses low latency LDPC FEC coding which is good for quality of service e.g. VoIP.
  • Scalability of the service is easy when an upgrade is required and applies to the 3.8M antenna only.
  • There is no need for an external router as the modem comes with built in router card.
  • Full duplex dedicated connectivity using C-band VSAT for trunking and high usage
  • It is a weather proof solution
  • No Sharing - Ratio 1:1 - full bandwidth available 24/7 (since it is dedicated )
  • Can run applications like VoIP and Video Conference comfortably.
  • TCP acceleration, pre-fetching, caching and compression for faster browsing experience at no extra cost.