Connecting people to people - worldwide

For any management team decision making and decision execution are dependent on the quality of the communications infrastructure. By utilizing communications technologies such as satellite videoconferencing these business critical decisions can be made by teams of skilled people connected via media rich web based videoconferencing applications.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the benefits of videoconferencing. Many businesses are constrained in their ability to benefit from these services by the lack of availability of broadband access in remote areas where suitable connectivity is simply not available. Intersat satellite videoconferencing overcomes these obstacles by providing satellite broadband access for videoconferencing applications onto international IP backbones.

Seamless integration

Intersat satellite videoconferencing seamlessly integrates with existing and legacy infrastructures. This ensures that the end-user experience is of the highest quality, straightforward, secure and cost-effective.

The demands and pressures on communication networks in todayís IP centric world are heavy and increase almost daily. Intersat offers real-time videoconferencing via satellite to enterprise organizations with guaranteed QoS (Quality of Service) and Committed Information Rate (CIR) to ensure that these demands are met.

The Intersat networking solution delivers full video collaboration capability to anyone, anywhere in the world, including the most remote locations and harshest environments. Intersatís cutting edge satellite networking solutions provide more than just high-speed broadband IP satellite access.

Intersat provides:

  • Large bandwidth capacity
  • Key features such as reliability and security
  • Simple integration with legacy networks
  • Efficient bandwidth allocation
  • Support for real-time applications such as VoIP and video
  • On-demand video streaming from any location
  • HD videoconferencing